Monday, January 4, 2010

A Whole New Year

Happy New Year To You All!

Well, 2009 was definitely a year, that took a lot of prayers, tears and sweat to get through. My year recap:

Jan-We moved into a new apartment, smaller, but change is good

June-Yazmin graduated 5th grade

Aug-I started working on my masters at FSU, Yazmin began middle school

Oct-I began a new teaching position in a different county (I love my career)

Nov-Our very first visit to Florida, spent 5 days at Disney World, and an afternoon at Daytona Beach

Dec-For those that do know and those that do not, my husband passed away December 2, 2009. Even when a loved one is sick, you can never really prepare for their death. Michael will never be forgotten.

For 2010, some of my goals include, saving more money, paying off my car, building my Tastefully Simple, and Pampered Chef, businesses even bigger, possibly purchasing my first home and of course scrapbooking our Thanksgiving trip to Disney.

For those of you that have never been to Disney, all I can say is that it was Awesome! We had never been, my kids loved it, and it was well worth the planning, money and 9+ hours in the car.

While on Christmas vacation, I did get a chance to scrapbook some, and create thank you cards for my customers, and parents whose children brought me Christmas gifts. A few of my creations, are below.

I hope to blog a little more often and eventually put up scrapbooking tutorials via Youtube and pdfs. Stay tuned for more to come this year!

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